Miruna A. Klaus
+41 79 640 27 00
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Ex. Lloyds Bank, Coutts Bank (RBS Group), Clariden Leu (Credit Suisse Group) – BA in Political Sciences, University of Geneva

  • 24 years in private banking & structured finance in Switzerland
  • Strong knowledge of Central and Western Europe
  • Advised clients in Eastern Africa on corporate deals
  • Strong network and knowledge in the Financial Industry
  • Proved Skill in Wealth & Assets Management

Miruna was born in Romania and was educated in Switzerland. She graduated from the University of Geneva with a bachelor in Political Sciences and International Studies.

She has more than 25 years practice in the financial industry. From 1992 to 2010 Miruna has held senior management positions in above institutions and was instrumental in setting up country marketing projects to develop Central and Eastern European regions for the said Banks.

Besides her solid private banking experience, her tax and estate planning background was keystone in the wealth development in those regions. She assisted entrepreneurs to turn the page from communist economy to open democratic markets.